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Crime is on the Rise in Grand Rapids

According to Grand Rapids Police Data, our city has seen some of the highest crime rates recorded over the last few years.

Windows shot out condo.png

Gun Crime

In 2018, Grand Rapids recorded a total of 498 gun crimes, followed by 505 reported in 2019. But in 2020, the city saw an unprecedented 808 reported gun crimes, a 60% increase from the year before.

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Pictured Left: Workers cover shot out windows of the River House Condominiums off of Bridge Street NW.


In 2020, Grand Rapids saw 38 murders, which was a 422% increase from 2018. This was also a significant increase from 2019, in which the city saw 17 murders.

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Pictured Right: News Headline detailing fatal shooting and crash near downtown GR.

car crash shooting.png
Windows shot out condo.png
mitten brewing assualt image.png


In 2020, Grand Rapids recorded 1,200 cases of aggravated assault, 200 more cases than the year prior.

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Pictured Left: News headline detailing attack outside Mitten Brewing Co.


Grand Rapids saw 317 business-related burglaries in 2020, almost doubling the previous year's total of 178 reported incidents.

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Pictured Right: Image of door to small GR business after burglary.

Break and enter business.png
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