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While Violent Crime Rates Soar, Police Response Times Are Getting Slower

Data provided by the Grand Rapids Police Department through a Freedom of Information Act Request shows response times are still rising.

Response times for Priority Level 1 calls, the highest priority level, have increased by over 32% since 2018.

Response Times by Priority Level 


Response times have increased for all types of calls:

  • Priority 1: 32.5% 

  • Priority 2: 42.9%

  • Priority 3: 77.45%

  • Priority 4: 88%

  • Priority 5: 108%

Research shows that increased funding for police departments leads to faster response times (1)

Your Door Dash Order Shouldn't Arrive Faster Than a Police Officer

View the FOIA Document Here:

1. Police Executive Research Forum, 2020 Report

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